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Envisioning a new customer experience and service delivery model


A multi-national building materials company with presence in more than 50 countries. The company set a challenge to itself: “Design and enable global initiatives to deliver great experience for customers and employees''. Within the global vision, our aim was to ensure that our client knows its customers and can anticipate their needs and requirements, as well as facilitate employee training and empowerment, sharing a common understanding of all processes and clear orientation to better serve their customers. Designing a new service delivery model aligned with a desired customer experience across multiple geographies.

  • Design research results;
  • Envisioned customer journey and service blueprint;
  • Service delivery model and market maturity model;
  • Governance and implementation plan.

"We achieved a very important milestone for our company and we couldn't have done it without your guidance, professionalism and empathy. it has been an amazing experience from every possible angle and a pleasure working with all of you." - Customer experience director

Improvements on company's customer experience could increase 3.5 points in customer NPS evaluation.


Service design


Yunus Tunak, Sonia Gustran, Felipe Cabezas, Miguel Ballesteros & Bruna Kochi.

My role & activities

Service designer

  • Prepare and facilitate co-creation workshops with client;
  • Synthesise and analyse workshop results;
  • Manage and collaborate with client and team; 
  • Envision desired customer experience;
  • Structure and design service blueprint.

Aug 2019 - Nov 2019

Design research

We undertook an intensive 5 weeks qualitative customer-centric research study to get closer to client's employees and customers. The core team members were fully integrated into our research team. The approach of including our client colleagues as active project participants further galvanised the outputs to collaboratively define and contextualise them so that they would be relevant and more easily communicated within the business.

Over 8 weeks we leveraged those invaluable perspectives via exposure to processes, tools and methods from the back office through to delivery to form customer and employee principles creating a new common vision which currently serves as a holistic foundation upon which tthe client is building in order to fuse together all their best parts while accommodating less mature regions.




Reviewed initiaties


Customers interviews




Co-creation workshop

Four co-creative workshops to engage with client and help them to empathise with their. customers and employees. Envision a desired customer journey and prioritise initiative focus. Generating thousand of ideas to make ideas tangible. 


After engage with clients and define their priorities we designed a global experience and defined three service blueprints to adapt to each type of clients and each region. 


Envisioned customer journey

A visionary journey reflecting moments captured from the perspective of customers and employees that are experiencing the current scenario.

Service blueprint

Connected with the envision customer journey the service blueprint reflects the steps and typical activities of each type of customer. Defining internal process and resources necessary to make the experience a reality.


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