Energy leap

Digital transformation in the energy industry


A project to accelerate the digital transformation of one of the largest european electric utilities. We planned a mid-term engagement to generate actionable initiatives for the energy company to accelerate their digital transformation and lead the utilities sector that is in constant change in the whole value chain. Our process was to evaluate ongoing projects, do research with users and stakeholders around different geographies. Co-create, prioritise and prototype ideas.

  • Digital transformation strategy
  • Initiatives assessment
  • Customer journeys
  • Concept prototypes

Organizational change - Making processes simpler and influencing people inside the organisation to talk more and reduce internal bureaucracy.


Digital transformation


Joumana, Filipa, André Carioca & Bruna Kochi

My role & activities

Service & Interaction Designer

  • Preparing and conducting design research  (stakeholders and users interviews, safaris, secondary research).
  • Analysing design research results and outputs (research findings, insights).
  • Preparing and facilitating co-creation workshops.
  • Conducting ideation sessions and design critique sessions.
  • Sketching wireframes and prototypes.

Oct 2017 - May 2018

Design research

From distribution to retail, we ran three phases of design research, focusing on three stream: Customers, Operations and Enterprise. The design research took place in 3 different geographies by gathering information and understand people’s needs. Through individual and group interviews, research in-field, safaris, shadowing and expert conversations we could deep dive in the three perspective of the business. A deep learning on data, user's needs the enabled to discover real problems, map barriers and find new opportunities for the business.


Reviewed initiatives


Countries with in-field research


Employee's engagement


End-users participation


Co-creation workshop

Three co-creative workshops to engage with client and help them to prioritise initiatives. Generating thousand of ideas and working on fast prototypes to make ideas tangible. 


After prioritasing ongoing and new initiatives together with the client, we decided to prototype 10 initiatives. Make them tangible and be able to visualise how those initiatives could be improved or get life. We also decided that one of them was worth it to visualise as an user journey to better understand its experience. 


Tangible initiatives

Local presence in client's headquarters was key to earn client engagement and commitment. Side-by-side we could build a collaborative work environment transfering methodologies, good practices and design mindset. A truly organisational change. 

Sustainable execution

All initiatives was mapped to fits into a global roadmap and planned to be implemented in a continous developement. We also decided to identify an owner to each initiative and an ambassor to move changes forward. In this way all the organisation was aligned and able to develop improvements in a sustainable pace and delivery.



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